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The Waves

(from east to west)


Good surfing spot wave at ekas outside




Ekas bay is much larger than its 'little brother' Grupuk bay, and has 2 main surf spots named INSIDE EKAS and OUTSIDE EKAS. Although you are able to drive from Kuta to the coastline infront of the waves, it takes about 2 hours therefore most people take a boat from Awang (small fishing village on the west of the bay). Inside Ekas needs a solid swell to break and is prodomently a right hander but plenty of lefts still to be had! Outside Ekas like the inside wave, is sitauted on the east of Ekas bay and works best during dry season trade winds. This left wave can break for 100 to 200 meters but can break down to mush at several points before picking up again. 

DISTANCE FROM KUTA: 20 minutes drive to Awang, 15 minutes boat journey to the wave. 


Inside​ - Inside grupuk is a right hander that attratcts all levels of surfers. Often begginers will start and progress here due to the waves mellow, forgiving shape. Due to the waves popularity and reliability it often gets crowded.... Dont expect to surf here alone! 

BEST TIME TO SURF: DECEMBER - MAY (or anytime with light winds)


Outside right - Outside right as the name suggests is another right hander. It gets shallow on a low tide and can't handle too big a swell. Working best mid to high tide this wave is steeper and faster than insides which is just across the bay. 



Don Dons - This wave needs a bigger swell to break. A really fun wave that breaks left and right. If Don dons is working Insides will be bigger and also working, this splits the crowds up. 

BEST TIME TO SURF: DECEMBER - MAY (or anytime with light winds)


You need to take a boat from grupuk village for all the above waves. Prices range from 40,000 - 50,000 rp per person if you are in a group. If you are alone you could pay 150,000 rp.


DISTANCE FROM KUTA: 20 minutes drive to Grupuk, approx 10 minutes boat journey to the waves. 


Beginner wave gerupuk inside good surf


Surfing clean glassy waves at gerupuk insides



Segar reef wave kuta lombok surfing



This is the closest wave to Kuta (other than the breaks on the West of Kuta bay). There are two waves at Segar beach (both of them reef breaks) one left and one right. The right is more consistant and generally a higher class wave. Both waves are a short paddle from the beach where you'll find some 'warungs' selling snacks and cold drinks. There is a great look out spot on top of the grass hill to the west of the beach, also a superb place to watch the sunset. If the winds are moderate-strong or if the swell is big it probably won't be working. This spot is very open and suseptable to on shore winds, but on the flip side it doesn't need much swell to work well!


DISTANCE FROM KUTA: 5-10 minutes drive


Are Guling



Air guling literally means "Rolling waters", as you're driving there (whilst still high on the hilly road) you'll see why it's named so. By far the most popular is the the right hander on the west of the bay, its a shortish hollowish ride thats best surfed on medium to high tides. This spot gets blown out with the dry season tradewinds therefore its a classed as a wet season spot during which it catches swell easily and is great fun. Its a bit of a paddle from the beach, so save some energy for the paddle back! Alternitively you can pay a boat to take you from the beach. There is also a left hander situated more in the centre of the bay. This is a diffdicult wave to get the hang of due to currents and mastering when its going to be working. 


DISTANCE FROM KUTA: 15 minutes drive

Surfing Air Guling wave in the wet season


Surfing at mawi wave near kuta lombok



This wave works best during dry season tradewinds, but still performs during rainy season when winds are light. It requires however at least 3 foot sea swell to perform to expectations. On smaller swells you can ride both left and right, however as the swell size increases the left takes over. When Mawi reaches the six foot mark and over it can start getting out of control. Mid to higher tides, away from what can become a very shallow reef, is recomended here. If the days swells are running from west to southeast during dry season tradewind conditions... Could be very good. 

DISTANCE FROM KUTA: 25 minutes drive

Selong Blanak



If you haven't surfed before this is the ideal place to start. You can rent boards from shacks along the beach front and make a day of it! This is a beach break so no reef to worry about while you are leraning. If you can already ride a wave and have high expectations... you'll probably be disapointed

DISTANCE FROM KUTA: 30 minutes drive



Selong belanak beach, beginner surfing
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